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When it comes to split your PST files, you want to know “Why”. The prime reason is that an oversized PST file can corrupt. You are at risk of losing your important data. If you are using ANSI format, you cannot exceed the limit up to 2GB. If you are using Unicode, the limit cannot go up to 20 or 50 GB. Users are recommended to choose standard size for your each PST mail. There are many users who want to divide their big-sized PST file without losing accuracy. For them, Split Outlook PST application can be a smart choice to go with it. This is a user friendly program, works smoothly with all major editions of Outlook.

Key Features of Split PST Program

Capability to Split Any Size PST File is Provided by PST Split Program

This is a sophisticated tool, has been designed to perform split to any size PST files without compromising the quality. The application performs smooth division of both ANSI and Unicode PST files.

Capable to Split Archived Files of Outlook

Split PST tool enables users to perform smooth division of archived PST files or folders without any error.

Support 3 Different Split File Options

With the help of PST Splitter program, users can able find division of PST data according to their desire.

Divide by Size

Whatever the size of the PST file, you can split it according to your choice size. Divide the size range from 5 MB to 10 GB.

Divide by Year

If you are wondering to manage your Outlook data according to year, split with year. The application creates a separate file for each year. For example, you have selected year 2003 to 2006, it means you have 3 PST files. You can able to do division according to the current and the upcoming year.

Split by Folder

Users find the opportunity to generate multiple PST files for each folder by size. It is the user who decides the size.

Log Report to Compare PST Files

The feature lets you know about the quality of split files through Log report. Once the division task is over, go through the report to make comparison of each folder according to folder name, path, sum and items that divided.

Retain Quality!

Split Outlook PST file program retains the quality of files. No file is damaged or lost during the process.

Save Files With a New Name!

In this feature, the user is allowed to create a new PST to save the split files. You will find the freedom to save the data at your decided location.

No Support for Corrupt or Damaged Files!

The tool doesn't support division of those PST that corrupt or damaged.

Highly Compatible!

Run the program on any major Windows including XP/Vista/8 and 10. It supports to divide PST file of any Outlook from 2003 to 2013.

How PST Split Program Works

  • Visit the PST Split program
  • Click the browse option to choose the desired file that you want to split
  • Choose any split option to make division task successful
  • Mention the size of the file you want
  • That's it.

Divide PST Pro FAQ

Why Split PST files?
PST files are repository files of Outlook that contain all Outlook stuffs including emails, notes, journals, contacts, appointments, calendars and tasks. Outlook 2000 and 2002 support ANSI and the rest 2003 to 2016 support Unicode format which allows you to store data up to 20 GB. An over-sized PST files may get corrupt and cannot be accessed. It means you can put your data of PST at higher risks. You may lose the data. Keep the size of a PST file moderate to prevent it from any error and corruption.<
Is there any data loss risk to use PST Splitter?
Not at all. PST Splitter is comprehensive and reliable application that splits PST files without losing quality.
How does Split of PST files perform?
The tool is capable to perform split large sized PST into small PST files. It performs division of PST files according to your needs—you can split by year, by size or by folder.
Is it possible to split corrupted PST files?
No, the tool doesn't work to split corrupted PST files.
Do I divide PST file without installation of Outlook?
Yes, you can. This is a standalone program, capable to split PST files without installation of Outlook.
Do I split archive PST files?
Yes, you are allowed for splitting both new and archived PST files without any error.
Do I separate PST files of any size?
Yes, the PST file splitter is capable in migrating any size PST files (MG to GB), it splits both ANSI and Unicode PST files.
Do I split any Outlook version PST files?
PST Split Program is highly compatible, working smoothly with any major versions of Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.
Do the program works with all Windows?
Yes, Separate PST application works with all major versions of Windows including Vista, XP, 8 and 10.
What is the demo version of PST Divider application?
The demo version is recommended to every user who is interested in purchasing the tool. It is free to download and provides preview of split Outlook PST files function to evaluate the key features of the program.
How do I order split PST application?
It is so simple. Pay online, an access code along a link is sent to your given email address.
In case I have found any technical problem, what will I do?
Take assistance from our technical team. They will guide you promptly.