PST Password Recovery

"Allow you remove password of protected PST files and create a new password for them"

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PST Password Recovery

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PST is a common file extension of Outlook for Windows. When it comes to select a file extension of Outlook, Personal Storage Table is the file extension, comes first in mind. The format has been designed for only Outlook. Today, it has been updated; its storage capacity has increased up to 50GB. To offer confidentiality of emails, PST files offer password facility. Lock your important files, but make sure to not to forget the password. In case, you have missed the password, use PST Password Recovery program. It is a sophisticated application to install on your computer.

Salient Features of PST Password Removal Tool

Standalone Program

It doesn't need installation of MS Outlook to perform its removal task. Recovery of password protected PST files is done without existence of MS Outlook.

Bulk Recovery

Bulk recovery is possible. More than one PST files are safely recovered with the help of PST Password Removable tool.

Remove Passwords of Old PST Files

Not only new but also old PST files protected with passwords are recovered from PST Password Recovery tool.

Recreate a New Password for Your PST Data

If you want to set a new password for your PST file, recreate it. The tool allows you to secure your Outlook files with a new password.

Crack any Complicated Password

PST Password Eraser is an advance program. It safely cracks any complicated password both lengthy and multilingual. It easily cracks numerical, symbol and character passwords.

Easy to Operate

It is easy to operate the program. Users have found no complication to run the program singlehandedly.

GUI Support

Rich quality GUI support is offered to PST Password Removal tool.

Window Versions

Run the program on any major Window versions like XP, Vista, 8 and 10. Consider the tool suitable for your Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013.

Demo Version

The demo of the program is available at free of cost. Before you get the license of the tool, try its free trial version at first.

How to Operate Outlook Password Recovery Program

  • Open the PST Password Removal tool on your system and browse either single or multiple Outlook PST files
  • A new window will open, ask to Remove Password or Reset Password
  • Choose your desired option to successfully complete the task

PST Password Reset FAQ

What is PST Password removal?
It is a great tool, allows you to access any PST file by breaking their intricate or complex passwords. Users of the tool are allowed to reset the password of the PST files. It is an ultimate application to those users who are finding hard to access their archived or new PST files because they forget or lost their passwords. It is a highly advanced program.
Do I remove passwords of both ANSI and Unicode PST files?
Yes, you are allowed to remove passwords of all types of PST files. No matter the type of PST file format you are using, ANSI or Unicode, it safely removed passwords of all types of PST files.
Could I remove old passwords?
Yes, the PST file Remover has been designed to remove password of both new and old PST files effortlessly.
Could I consider the program suitable for Outlook 2003?
Yes, PST Password reset tool is highly compatible with all major versions of Outlook including 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and the latest 2016. Feel yourself comfortable to run the program on any Outlook versions.
Could I run the program on any Window platform?
Yes, it is made for all major versions of Windows including 32 and 62 bits like 8, 8.1. 10, XP and Vista.
What is reset option here?
The "Reset Password" option is for those users who are looking to change the old password of their PST files and want to reset a new one for them.
May I able to remove password for my desired Outlook file?
Yes, with PST Password Removal tool you are capable to remove password of all desired Outlook files. Search the specific file according to "Browse PST File" or "Browse Folder" option.
How to purchase the program?
Purchasing license for the tool is not tricky. It is simple to achieve. Just click "order now" and then "Buy" option to pay online. As soon as the payment is cleared, the ordered product is sent to your email id. An access code along with the access link are sent to your given email address.
What is the demo version of PST Password Remover?
The demo version has been created to remove password of those users who want to evaluate the performance of the program before purchasing it.