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Outlook PST Conversion

Outlook PST Conversion Tool

We all know that PST has been designed only for Outlook. You cannot read a PST file on OST, EML, MBOX, MSG and other universally valid formats. It means you restricted to use only Outlook for Windows as your email client. We have analysed the problem and come with a magnificent solution, “PST Mailbox Converter”. It is a sophisticated Outlook PST Conversion program, offers conversion of PST to EML, PST to OST, PST to MBOX, PST to MSG, PST to VCF.

Salient Features Outlook Converter

Export Whole Items Stored in Your Outlook

The Outlook Converter program supports conversion of all items hold by the PST format including mails, notes, journals, contacts, calendars etc….

Multiple Language Support is Offered

If you are looking to export the PST file containing Japanese, Korean or Chinese language, the PST to OST Exporter is capable to perform conversion without losing quality. It reads double byte characters easily.

100% Accuracy is Maintained

With PST to EML migration program users find safety of the data during conversion process. No file is damaged and lost. The text –format and content structure is not changed.

Recovery of Items from Trash Folder

The feature performs recovery of those PST items that have been deleted but are still in the trash folder.

Top Quality UI Support

Running the tool becomes easy. It doesn’t require impeccable technical knowledge. Both technical and non-technical users can handle singlehandedly because PST Migration tool requires a few simple steps to follow and the rest process is done by the tool itself.

Conversion of Desired File is Performed.

Running the program on your system doesn’t mean that it will pick any file for conversion. The tool offers control on migration by allowing conversion of only user’s specified files. “Browse” button to select the required PST file for migration.

PST to EML and PST to MBOX Conversion Support

The facility allows users to open their Outlook files on multiple email platforms like Apple Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird, WLM, PocoMail, Eudora etc… It clearly indicates that you are no more restricted to use only Outlook for Windows.

PST to OST and PST to MSG Support

The feature allows you to change from one Outlook format to another Outlook format. If you wish to use OST or MSG as your Outlook file format, change from PST to OST or PST to MSG with the help of PST Mailbox Conversion tool.

PST to VCF Conversion

In this feature, PST Migration program converts all your PST contacts to vCard format so that you can able to share your Outlook contacts with your smart devices like Blackberry and palm computers.

Preview of Conversion is Provided

Users can view the converted PST items in hierarchical order. Heading is shown to ensure that every data is exported safely.

Highly Compatible with All Major Versions of Windows like XP, Vista and 10

Consider the program for conversion of any Outlook version files. Whether you are using 2003 or the latest 2016, export all Outlook data to your desired email clients.

Steps to follow while using PST Mailbox Converter

  • Launch the PST Migration tool on your system.
  • Click on “Browse” button to select the specific file that you want to convert.
  • Once the conversion task is over, get “Preview” of converted items.
  • 6 Options are provided to export your MS Outlook files and save them:
  • Choose your desired file format and complete the conversion task.

PST Mailbox Converter FAQ

What is PST Mailbox Converter?
This is a complete Outlook PST conversion program, design to perform conversion of Outlook for Windows to EML, MSG, OST, EMLX, MBOX and VCF. Users of the tool find multiple solutions in one converter program. They can convert PST to OST, PST to MBOX, PST to EML, PST to EMLX etc… to open and view PST files on multiple platforms including Thunderbird, WLM, PocoMail, Entourage etc…
Is the software safe to use?
Yes, it is safe to make Outlook for Windows files compatible to a number of email platforms. It has capacity to maintain the originality of files without changing any text format and converts those files as well none-English characters like Chinese, Japanese and Koreans.
Could I change Windows to Linux?
Yes, this is a complete conversion program allowing users to convert PST to MBOX, PST to EML and PST to EMLX. It clearly indicates that you can able to change your operating system too.
Could I perform conversion alone?
Yes, you can do this on your own. PST Mailbox Converter is a self-descriptive software. A few simple steps are required to follow to successfully achieve conversion in the desired format. It doesn't require any special training to achieve conversion.
Could I run the program for Outlook 2010 Conversion?
This is a highly compatible email file exporter. You can use it to convert Outlook 2010, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.
Could I share my Outlook contacts to my smart phone?
It has features of PST to VCF conversion which means you can able to export Outlook contacts to palm computers and multiple smart phones including Blackberry.
What can the demo version do for me?
PST to VCF conversion is a smart tool that you would like to buy. Before you purchase the program, try its demo version which is available at free of cost. The converter helps you examine the performance of the tool closely. Once you are satisfied with the conversion quality, you can order its license.
How to order the product?
The order process is simple to follow. For this click "Order now" button, select either personal or commercial program and make payment online. As soon as the payment is received by us, we will send you a confirmation mail that carries the product code and the link to access your conversion program.